Cloud Economics Thought Leader Idea Exchange
Is There a Future in Cloud Futures?
June 18, 3.00-5.30pm, San Francisco
Invite Only, RSVP required

Is there a future in cloud futures?

The recent Cloud 2020 Summit in Las Vegas has sparked an industry debate on cloud economics and the viability of IaaS marketplaces that is still blazing across the blogosphere and twittershpere.

Joe Weinman, author of ‘Cloudonomics: the Business Value of Cloud Computing’, Paul Miller, John Cowan, Randy Bias, James Mitchell, and other cloud economics thought leaders, invite you to continue the conversation at the first-of-its-kind industry debate: “Is There a Future in Cloud Futures?”

The format of the session will be interactive, with dialogue encouraged from all attendees, so get out from behind your screen and share your opinion as we create a new forum for cloud influencers to shape the industry and chart the future of IT infrastructure.

Event Agenda:
  • 3.00pm-3.45pm Check in, networking, refreshment, and cocktails
  • 3.45pm Opening comments Joe Weinman
  • 4.00 pm No, there is not a future: Why open infrastructure marketplaces won’t evolve, led by Randy Bias (Cloudscaling) and Mark Thiele (Switch)
  • 4.05 Yes, there is a future: Why open infrastructure marketplaces will evolve, led by John Cowan (6fusion) and James Mitchell (Strategic Blue)
  • 4.10 Community debate, moderated by Ben Kepes
  • 4.50 Wrap up, announcements Joe Weinman
  • 5.00pm-5.30pm Informal discussion, networking, cocktail reception
  • 5.30pm Transportation provided for those attending Structure VIP welcome reception

If you are interested in attending, please send request for consideration to by June 17.

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